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Feeling sick
So many thoughts, sharply exhaled breathes.
Dodging simple questions.
Never lying, simple bending the truth.
Strange old feelings.
Resurfacing to confuse may fractured mind.
Yet oddly calming.
Wanting to tell her the truth.
Never really sure.
Innocently she asks again and again.
Mocking myself doubt.
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Landscape 001 by sixism Landscape 001 :iconsixism:sixism 1 0
Mature content
Steve I miss you :iconsixism:sixism 0 2
Flesh, Pointless
Flesh, Nothingness
Pointless lies on a bed of throns
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Dust clings to the old walls
Blood stains all over the floor
A cross torn off the wall and all the mirrors shattered
The young man sits in the corner
Young yet old but to him it is all the sme
You see his age in his eyes
The rust covers the cars
A rusted smell fills the air
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I am starting the process all over again
The loneliness
The pain
and the sweer taste of...
I do feel joy returning to me and to only me
I will find peace in nothingness
My cloak of insanity wrapped tightly around my sanity
As once aagin i take the plunge into my mind
My creativity is as strong as it ever was
I found the angel among the demons
They win the can have my soul but i will retain my mind
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Mature content
POISON :iconsixism:sixism 0 0
People are jesters and kings with paper crowns
Making fools of themselves
Their laughter is cold and empty
Forever crying and lying
The people are false and dead
But they do not know it yet
No one knows we are puppets of some great show
but we are not on the smae stage
We have become are own gods
And we will be forgottem like all the rest
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Pain like an old friend
Smiling like a fiend
Greeting me with open arms
Grasping me, choking me
Dragging me in
alone with him in his black house
The only sounds are his laughing
and the sound of
my blood dripping on the floor
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Mature content
OCEAN BLUE EYES :iconsixism:sixism 0 0
The blue of the ocean is so cold
The coldness is so real, much to real
The water I stale with the content of salt
It makes every thing float
Why can't we just stay down?
The darkness is a welcomed change from the ocean blue sea
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We shall not be seen or heard
We stand in the shadows watching you watch us
You god is dead no more then an intellectual concept
We have no gods nor need them
We see death as it truly is—oblivion
At best you spend you life crying about what goes bump in the night
BOO! Ha!
Our blood is as red as yours
Our eyes cannot and will not carry the flame of hope
We have drank from the cup of hopelessness
Let us see and only speak the truth
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Not a day goes by without thoughts of you
I miss you; I am nothing with out you
I failed you
You died to save my life
You should have lived not me
I have been losing control with out you
You were right I do have a future
But it is a dark lonely path I walk
So I take your last gift and I will live
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I have had no family nor did I want one before this
I came into their world of props and costumes
I was hoping to find a place to hide
But I found a family that cares
Even though we are like all families we fight, yell
Yet when the lights go down and the music comes up
Everyone is free and nothing else matters
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Alone am I for no light shines on me
There are no more sounds, only regret
The food has no taste, wine is like water
The last taste is revenge
No smell except the smell of decaying hope
Surrounded by nothingness
Meaningless people wonder by me
Does may age matter to me? No
Nothing matters but love and death
For love lets you feel something real
Truly real before death
I will never know this for  my heart is alone
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Mature content
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United States
Current Residence: Burlington, Vt
Favourite genre of music: Gothic and Doom Metal
Favourite style of art: Gothic-Punk/religious
Personal Quote: "Some times i wish there were 2 of me. So i could cuddle myself, anything else woud be queer.&a
Ok i have been reading alot of whitewolf lately and i have a really kool idea.  The story will be called the horror club and the concept is that a group of 17-19 year old college bound students get turned down for aid and its to late to apply to any other schools but at the last minute soem offers to pay the bill for all 4 years but they have to take a class called The Horror Club.  With the later with the check is a description of the class:

4 Credits
Come and see what is the world is really like hands on and fun.  With a very fast pass.   Taught by award winning writer in the occult and science filed David starr.
Meets Friday night 7:30pm to 10:00pm and saturday 7:45 to 10:45pm.
Materials list:
-Five Bound note books five inches by seven inches
-Ten Number two pencils
-One fine point ink pen
and batteries

The Characters will be based on the person playing them and the game will be mostly role playing.  My goal is to weave an intresting horror story for everyone that takes part in it.


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